Promoting dating offers with display traffic.

Test project by Conversion Club and and ClickDealer

26 June 2020


Hello there! Today we are launching our new special project: The test of promoting dating offers from ClickDealer with display traffic. 

Together with the group of affiliate-friends, Conversion Club decided to share the experience of testing dating offers with well known ClickDealer.com


1. What are the specifics of our target audience in a particular GEO?


At the beginning, the target audience must be as wide as possible and all tracking tokens must be added in url for future optimization(21-55 male). Only after a wide test you can work on narrowing down your audience depending on stats that you got.


2. How to scale up? 


The best ways to scale your volumes are cloning campaigns or bid increasing. 


3. What’s the appropriate budget to start the campaign? What is your budget for understanding that this adset is not performing well?


The optimum budget for the first test is $50. If you can earn $2.5 for each registration and didn't get any lead on $7.5 of spend we kindly recommend to pause such kinds of banners.


Do you use spy tools to search the ideas for creatives?


For the first tests we are using the Adplexity spy tool, where you can find the most popular banners and prelanders that have got a lot of traffic for the last 7 days or more.


Let’s move on to testing: best Geo?


You can choose any GEO, but you must know that english speaking locations have more expensive traffic with huge volumes and a lot of competitors there. 


Creatives? Video or Images? 


Gif format of the banners with messenger style and blinking elements are working better than static ones.



Most relevant age of users for dating offers is around 30-55 years.


EPC? CR? Payouts


A Payout is not the main thing in offer research and I recommend you to contact your account manager before launching first campaigns and ask him for recommendation of the offers with CR that starts from 8% and higher.


Examples of creatives:

Live chat with Henry Whitfield about traffic during C-19

26 March 2020

Charity live festival with Juicy M

(Sponsored by ClickDealer )

15 April 2020


Some data from our stat:


 Feel free to contact the team for more questions!

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