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Vote for the best nominees for the Affiliate Space Awards 2022!

The registration for participation is finally closed, and we are ready to announce the beginning of ASA voting. It proceeds from the 15th of September till the 15th of November. 


Share your link with your friends and partners. Remember: all of us have only one vote, which you can give to any of the nominees. Only a real victory is a victory that matters!

You also get additional features like:

✔ Networking party with top visitors and sponsors;

✔ New contacts with professionals for scaling up your business;

✔ Excellent entertainment & drinks.

Official voting will be open for everyone from the 15th of September until the 15th of November! Let the crowd decide who will be the number one.


The Winners will be announced online in Bangkok, the biggest and prettiest city in modern Thailand.

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Asa 2022 Award Categories:

The Best Anti-Detect Browser

The Best Affiliate Spy Tool

The Best Tracker

The Best Creatives and Landers Service

The Best Affiliate Info Courses

The Best Speaker

The Best Influencer in online marketing

The Best Party Animal

The Best Nutra Affiliate Network

The Best Dating Affiliate Network

The Best Ecom Affiliate Network

The Best Gambling/Betting Affiliate Network

The Best Crypto Affiliate Network

The Best Smartlink Affiliate Program

The Best Traffic Network

The Best Affiliate Conference


Would you like to become a sponsor of Affiliate Drinks Meetup 2022?

With Love,

Conversion Club Team

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