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Terms and Conditions ASA



The following terms shall have the following meaning throughout these terms and conditions:

  • ‘Awards’ shall refer to the Affiliate Space Awards organized by Conversion Club.

  • ‘Nominee’ means the organization and/or the individual who has been nominated for an award.

  • ‘Nomination’ means the online form that is completed as the entry submission.

  • ‘Category’ means each particular category of award to be given and presented by Conversion Club as listed and detailed on the website

  • ‘Business’ means an operation that has an economic activity, in the form of a self-employed, partnership, or a registered company employing at least (one) employee (including the owner) on both a part-time or full-time basis.

  • ‘Entry and Closing dates’ refer to the Official Award Dates published on the website indicating the entry and closing dates.

  • ‘Selection Criteria’ means the criteria and basis for voting nominations to determine the Winners of the Affiliate Space Awards.

Submitting an Entry

Entry is free.

To enter the Affiliate Space Awards all applicants must read and understand the terms and conditions set out in this document (Terms and Conditions) and complete the online entry form for your chosen category.

Conversion Club reserves the right to alter or change these Terms and Conditions at any time at its discretion.

All entrants into the Affiliate Space Awards will be notified of any change to these Terms and Conditions that has taken place before their entry is judged and will be provided with a reasonable opportunity to amend or alter their entry (should they wish to do so).

All submissions are to be lodged through the Affiliate Space Awards website at

By lodging your entry, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

Your entry must be submitted by the relevant close date and time as published on the website.


To be eligible to participate in the Awards, the Nominee must demonstrate that:

  • they have an active affiliate economic activity of more than 1 year

Entries that fail to do so will not be considered for voting.

All details are to be submitted at the application stage. Applications which are not duly filled in full will not be considered.

Conversion Club employees, current Board Members, or any of its related or controlled entities are not eligible to participate.

Conversion Club reserves the right in its sole discretion to disqualify any entry who Conversion Club has reason to believe may have breached any of these Terms and Conditions (including any of the eligibility requirements), or engaged in any unlawful, fraudulent, misleading, deceptive, or other improper misconduct that may jeopardize the fair and proper conduct of the Affiliate Space Awards or otherwise may bring the Affiliate Space Awards into disrepute or damage the goodwill or reputation of Conversion Club.

Conversion Club accepts no responsibility for any entries lost in transit or not received by the closing time due to technical disruptions or any other reason beyond the control of Conversion Club.

Entrants must ensure they meet, and continue to meet, all eligibility criteria requirements set out in these Terms and Conditions, in addition to any category-specific requirements published on the Categories section of the website.

Finalists will be required to commit to be present during the event. Finalists failing to do so will be automatically disqualified.

Entry into the Awards

By submitting a Nomination, the Nominee confirms that it accepts these terms and conditions and it has the agreement of all parties associated with the project that the submission be made.

All Nominations must be submitted in full via the online entry form found on the Affiliate Space Awards Website. This must be completed in English and submitted before or on the Closing Date.

Conversion Club reserves the right to declare any entry ineligible if at any time during or after the term of the award process your entry form is found to be incomplete, deficient, false, or misleading in any way.

The Nominee must have all the necessary rights required by law to submit the entry and shall be responsible that all information submitted is true, current, and complete, up to the date of submission. Any claim relating to the nomination must be backed up with sufficient evidence of such claim (refer to the selection criteria). Additional data or information may be requested at the discretion of the Selection Committee.

Entry and Closing Dates

Conversion Club reserves the right to extend or vary the entry period if required, before or after the Affiliate Space Awards entry period commences.

Representations and Warranties

Conversion Club represents and warrants on its behalf and on behalf of its employees, that:

  • All information provided in the Nomination form will be treated with the strictest confidence. No information will be disclosed to third parties, other than those involved in the running and selection of the Awards, without the prior written consent of the Nominee or its representatives.

  • It will not be kept liable for any damages resulting from the disclosure of information that is readily available in the public domain or becomes available in the public domain after the submission of the Nomination.

  • It may use the Nominee’s name and logo for purposes connected with promoting the Awards.

  • The name of the Nominee and the logo will be used in the exact form provided by the Nominee.

  • Conversion Club may decide not to use the name and logo supplied by the Nominee if it considers it to be of unsuitable quality or style, misleading, or not representative of the nominee.

There will only be one (1) winner per award.

The final awards will be made based on the submitted votes received on by the closing date.

The awards process will be split into two phases.

  • Phase One: A written application submitted through the online form;

  • Phase Two: Open voting poll online for all visitors of


The Affiliate Space Awards comprise of the following categories:

  • - Affiliate Of The Year

  • - The Best Brand Of The Year

  • - Online Casino Operator Of The Year

  • - Online Payment Solution Of The Year

  • - Live Cam Site Of The Year

  • - Studio Of The Year

  • - The Best Speaker

  • - The Best Online Marketing Influencer

  • - The Best Nutra Affiliate Network

  • - The Best Dating Affiliate Network

  • - The Best E-commerce Affiliate Network

  • - The Best Gambling / Betting Affiliate Network

  • - The Best Crypto Affiliate Network

  • - The Best Multi Vertical Network

  • - The Best Smartlink Affiliate Program

  • - The Best Traffic Network

  • - The Best Gaming / Betting Affiliate Conference

  • - The Best Affiliate Conference

  • - The Best Proxy Service

  • - Rising Star Of The Year

  • - The Best Anti-Detect Browser

  • - Fresh Blood Of The Year

  • - The Best Nutra Advertiser

  • - The Best Female Influencer

Conversion Club may, in its sole discretion (without prior notice) add or vary these award categories from time to time.

Final Stage and Announcement of Winners

The winner from each Category will be announced during the awards ceremony to be held on December 2024.

Winners will be advised by email and they must also collaborate by providing any required information that may be needed in the preparation for the event.

Conversion Club will have the right to use any of the information, including photographs or filming, made available by the Nominees and their representatives, as well as any interviews given by the Nominees and their representatives.

Further Information

Conversion Club reserves the right to request supporting documentation/material relating to the nominations that won Awards.

The Awards logo may only be used with prior written consent of Conversion Club.

Contact information provided in your entry form may be disclosed to sponsors for the purpose of direct opportunities for promotion through sponsor partners. You can refuse the disclosure of contact information to sponsors by advising, in writing, Conversion Club via email at

Conversion Club reserves the right in its sole discretion to mandate the terms upon which any individual or business entry may utilize the Conversion Club logo in connection with the Affiliate Space Awards, including revocation of same.

Conversion Club shall not in any circumstances be liable for consequential, indirect, or special damages of any kind arising out of the Nominee’s participation in the Awards.

Submitting a Nomination to the Awards places no obligation on Conversion Club that the Nominee will receive an award.

Conversion Club will have the exclusive intellectual rights to the use of the Logo and any publications and productions produced by Conversion Club as part of this initiative.

The Privacy Policy is deemed to be incorporated into these Terms and Conditions and by entering the Affiliate Space Awards, you are taken to consent to Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy may be replaced or varied at the discretion of Conversion Club from time to time, effective immediately upon posting such changes to the Affiliate Space Awards website, and as replaced or varied it is incorporated into these Terms and Conditions.

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