“We’ve had tons of conferences and parties in the industry in our career, but this event by Conversion Club this year was like a breath of fresh air!” - Igor - Affiliate Marketer.

Over 150 people joined our private party.

We would like to thank our 3 general sponsors: Clickdealer , YoloadsPM affiliates.

Of course, our info sponsors also rocked the house: ZorbasMediaSempro ConferenceI'm AttilaDo you even affiliateFB KillaPartnerkinArbita AgencyAffHubYosa7leads.

So much fun and 0 covid cases!

If you’re asking yourself when to join the next one, no worries! We are preparing our next affiliate event for January 2021. Until then, check out the whole set of pictures from this Hookah party and enjoy!

Hookah meetup was a total success!

Awards were given, speeches and appreciation to all the hard work everyone in the industry is doing during these hard times.

We had hookah, free drinks, bar, snacks and lots of networking of course.

Let’s not forget the cool music played by our fashionable DJs of the capital!

Our special guest Vitaliy Stetsenko had a very cool speech about his real working case.

30 000$ Profit in 45 days!

Kind regards,

"Conversion club" team

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