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You also get additional features like:

✔ Networking party with top visitors and sponsors;

✔ New contacts with professionals for scaling up your business;

✔ Excellent entertainment & drinks.

Official voting will be open for everyone from the 15th of October until the 15th of November! Let the crowd decide who will be the number one.


The Winners will be announced online in Bangkok, the biggest and prettiest city in modern Thailand.

Affiliate Space AWARDS 2023, Bangkok, Thailand

We are happy to announce our 4th Affiliate Space Awards by Conversion Club. Be sure that this event is for the best companies, brands, and top influencers in the Affiliate marketing space. Do you feel your power? Then the Award is waiting for you!

September 15th until October 15th, 2023, is the time to give you a chance to register as a nominee for Affiliate Space Awards 2023. Services, networks, and individuals are welcome to join the ASA 2023 nominations. 


Choose no more than three nominations. Registration for Affiliate Space Awards 2023 is officially open for everyone, so hurry up and register by clicking the link right now!


Would you like to become a sponsor of Affiliate Drinks Meetup 2023?

1.   Affiliate Of The Year ;

2.   The Best Brand Of The Year ;

3.   Online Casino Operator Of The Year ;

4.   Online Payment Solution Of The Year ;

5.   Live Cam Site Of The Year ;

6.   The Best Speaker ;

7.   The Best Online Marketing Influencer ;

8.   The Best Nutra Affiliate Network ;

9.   The Best Dating Affiliate Network ;

10. The Best E-commerce Affiliate Network ;

11. The Best Gambling / Betting Affiliate Network ;

12.   The Best Crypto Affiliate Network ;

13.   The Best Multi Vertical Network ;

14.   The Best Smartlink Affiliate Program ;

15.   The Best Traffic Network ;

16.   The Best Gaming / Betting Affiliate Conference ;

17.   The Best Affiliate Conference ;

18.   Rising Star Of The Year ;

19.   The Best Proxy Service ;

20.   The Best Anti-Detect Browser ;

21.   Fresh Blood Of The Year ;

22.   The Best Nutra Advertiser .


With Love,

Conversion Club Team

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