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ClickLoop. Review of GoldRush program

Few words about CIickLoop

Conversion Club is happy to introduce our partner ClickLoop. ClickLoop is a private lead generation network with a focus on Owned and Operated Exclusive performance-based Dating and Games offers. Their compensation models include Cost-Per-Action (CPA), Cost-Per-Lead (CPL), Cost Per Click (CPC), and Cost-Per-Sale (CPS). Their offers are developed in-house by them. You will not find these offers anywhere else.

Founded by industry veterans with decades of experience in affiliate marketing, product development, and optimizing conversion funnels, ClickLoop delivers industry-leading EPCs to maximize your ROI. By focusing their efforts on a finite set of verticals, they stick to the areas in which they excel. For publishers, this means ClickLoop’s offers and funnels have already been tested extensively, and you can promote them with the confidence of knowing your valuable traffic will convert.


Are you interested in promoting the hottest games on the market? Get access to ClickLoop extensive library of exclusive offers that you can't find anywhere else! ClickLoop regularly creates high-performing landers and graphics for their Games Arcade offer, which allows affiliates to test new ideas and keep their campaigns fresh. ClickLoop offers high payouts, and they will set you up with all the creatives you need to make your campaigns successful! 


ClickLoop is an expert in all things dating! Whether you promote traffic via Display, Push, Mobile, Email, or Social Media, the company has a plethora of dating landers and niches to help your traffic convert. It offers competitive CPL and PPS rates to suit your traffic and accepts 80+ GEOs! Also, white labels and custom landing pages are available to its affiliates so come test it out!

Overview of the Jackpot Program

Are you ready to hit the Jackpot with ClickLoop?!  Hit the Jackpot on every click with massive payouts available in 80+ GEOs. ClickLoop offers affiliates up to $15 PPL and $150 PPS on its exclusive Games and Dating offers.


All its offers are developed in-house by the team, and you will not find them elsewhere! Its premium landing page funnels are regularly tested and tuned to guarantee that your valuable traffic converts into big bucks. Advantages like weekly payouts, custom white labels, and dynamic reporting make it easier than ever to cut out the middleman and earn the most money on your clicks!


Sign up at today to start earning and generating more profit. 


  •  consistent EPC;

  •  high payout;

  •  frequency of paid conversions;

  • high numbers of GEO accepted. We call this new program 'Jackpot' because of the high number of transactions.

A talk with ClickLoop

What are the specifics of our target audience in a particular GEO?


We accept traffic from 80+ GEOs for Games and Dating for a GoldRush program. Tier1 GEOs provide the best EPC, but we also accept a lot of tier 2-3 GEOs, if you operate with WW traffic.


How to scale up? Budget for a campaign to start?


With a new ClickLoop GoldRush program, the sky is no limit!! Send us any volume of traffic that you have! We are direct advertisers, and have a huge capacity for our own processing!


Optimization strategy?


Our offers provide stable and smooth EPC, you don't need to spend $$$ for a test. Just send us traffic from your TOP country, and see a really high EPC from the beginning!


A few words about the admin panel


We have a self-design admin panel, that provides a lot of advantages for affiliates:


1. To make your optimization strategy extremely effective, we can set up postback for any type of conversion. Also, we allow you to set up several postbacks for each event.

2. We have a library with hundreds of landers for games and dating.

3. We have an iframe offer for trusted affiliates.

4. We have our own design studio and provide exclusive creatives to affiliates.


Top sources for our offers


For dating top sources are member-area traffic, banners, push traffic, social traffic, and email.

For games #1 source is tubes.


Fresh stats from our affiliates:

Знімок екрана 2022-10-14 о 15.37.34.png

Creative angles to use? Language, gender, and age


Dating always runs well with average-looking models as creatives. For games — use your most extreme fantasy for expiration! Don't hesitate, and contact our AMs for the best creatives!

Contacts of AM

Andrii Shyika

Anonymous reviews by affiliates

1. Working with the ClickLoop team has been incredibly rewarding. My campaigns with other companies weren't doing so great, but their new Jackpot program doubled my EPC within the first couple of days! They are deeply knowledgeable and easy to work with, providing good insight on how to improve my conversions. I definitely recommend giving them a shot.


2. I'm a veteran affiliate marketer with 15 years of experience. Probably worked with at least 25+ dating companies over that span and it was largely hit or miss. I was pleasantly surprised by what ClickLoop had to offer. Love the high payouts and weekly payments. It helps me put more money back into my business. Very consistent performance and helpful support.


3. ClickLoop is an awesome network! Met the team at Affiliate Summit East and they showed me their Games landers (which I've seen advertised everywhere lately). It was perfect because I've been wanting to break into the Gaming space for a while and they made the signup process simple. Their reporting dashboard is top-notch and I'm making a ton of money from the Jackpot program. Thanks!


4. This is a great company to work with if you have Games or Dating traffic. Their large collection of offers converts way better than competitors I have tested elsewhere. They are always open to collaborating with me on new ideas and their payments are on time... No complaints here!


Conversion Club recommends creating your account and getting more profit with ClickLoop.

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