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Introduction of TrafficStars - Global Ad Network

18 February 2022


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Few words about TrafficStars

If you are looking for an advertising network that promotes your offers to millions of potential clients, TrafficStars is your place! 

One of the best traffic companies, TrafficStars is a self-serve ad network and ad exchange with a powerful and effective solution for advertisers and publishers.
Moreover, TrafficStars has merged with one of the industry’s leading ad network’s - RUNative. This means that teaming up with TrafficStars has just gotten twice as advantageous for you. 

Daily traffic volume:

TrafficStars serves more than 4 billion ad impressions per day on its Exclusive and Premium Publishers in the Adult industry. 


Main verticals:

  • Adult

  • Dating

  • Nutra

  • Gambling

  • Gaming

  • Finance

  • Sweepstakes

  • e-Commerce

  • Webcam

  • Software & Utilities

  • Video On Demand


Pricing Models:

  • CPC

  • CPM

  • DCPM

  • CPA


Advertising formats:

  • Popunder

  • Banners

  • Native Ads

  • Video Pre-Roll

  • Video IM slider

  • Video X Pre-Roll

  • Classic push

  • In-Page Push

  • Full Page Interstitial

  • Targeted clicks


Payment methods:

  • CoinGate

  • Wire transfer

  • UnionPay

  • Paxum

  • Credit Card

If you are an affiliate, media buyer, program owner, CPA network or a webmaster looking to buy or monetize traffic, join TrafficStars network!

Tips about Campaign Creation with TrafficStars

TrafficStars has some great news! They created a brand new and easy-to-use Campaign Creation page. Not only is the new design awesome, but it also comes with a plenty of cool new features, here are just some of them:


  • Crop tool

  • Emoji toolbar

  • Native image center


Try it out now and enjoy creating campaigns with TrafficStars more than ever!


If you are used to the old Campaign creation page, don’t worry, you can easily switch back to it any time. However, all new features are available only in the new version. 


Watch the full video tutorial of the new Campaign Creation page and start new successful campaigns!

Q&A with TrafficStars

Q: GEOs?

A: Worldwide premium traffic in just a few clicks. Our platform is easy-to-use for both beginners and expert media buyers. 


Q: How to scale up? Budget for the campaign to start?

A: Minimum amount to fund your account is $100. In order to be compliant with European and Cypriot VAT regulations, we are required to remit a VAT tax on certain TrafficStars bidding transactions.
The local VAT rate of the country of residence is applied to individuals from EU countries.
Please note that VAT is applied on top of the advertiser budget.

Q: What is your budget for understanding that this adset is not performing well?

A: Depending on the nature of the offer, recommended daily and total budget for each campaign will be different. If you are not sure about your offer, we recommend you target the Prime audience on the best-performing ad format for your offer. Then, you may scale up by trying RON traffic and adding more ad formats. If you spend more than 4-5 times of your payout on the ad spot without getting a conversion, you should be searching for a better offer.


Q: Optimization strategy?


A: TrafficStars has a cool optimization tool. Optimizer is the in-house technology that blacklists under-performing traffic sources automatically according to the rules you set. Optimizer not only saves your time on analyzing each traffic source individually but also allows you to target a wider variety of sources and test new ones using your budget wisely.


Q: Which affiliate tools, services or tracker do you use?

A: TrafficStars provides very detailed stats for your campaigns and also allows you to track your conversions with S2S technology. By setting up S2S postback, you can also track ROI and Earnings and, hence, optimize ad campaigns directly through TrafficStars stats.


TrafficStars has very strong targeting tools that give you possibly of targeting:  


  • GEO

  • Region

  • Language

  • Device

  • Category

  • Keywords

  • Operating systems

  • Carriers

  • Browsers

  • IP ranges

  • Limiting the frequency of impressions

  • Time of day

  • Calendar Planning

  • Redirection

  • Similar targeting 

  • Collect your own audience


Q. Tell us more about your Lookalike setup!


A: The Lookalike campaign feature offered by TrafficStars can be used effectively in two scenarios, where this feature will bring you the best results.

  • The first option is to develop a new clone campaign from the campaign's ad page, identical to the actual campaign, with a white list of all selected Lookalike audiences.

  • The second option is to use the campaign edit page to connect duplicate viewers to your current campaign along with the remaining whitelists. 


Q. Personal audience by TrafficStars, what is it?

A: Audience targeting is one of the most exciting features of TrafficStars. You have a choice from Prime, RON (networking) or even from the region of participants. Basic traffic is perhaps the most important parameter in determining the reach of your business, as it consists of the most effective websites and advertising space! This is the best product on the market, and it is worth trying in your own campaigns.


Now it's your turn to harass your account manager! Learn about the highest bids for premium advertising space, as well as the criteria for matching banners. In some places, you may be able to use more "cruel" banner tactics.


In this case, we strongly recommend creating two campaigns. Why? 


  • One is for more exclusive advertising space, and the other for everything else.

  • You can even upload all your creatives on the Ads page.

  • You will also see traffic settings for the participants' region.

Q: More examples of creatives that you would personally recommend?


A: The more creatives you have, the more you can test. 

  • Do not go crazy on repeating creatives with similar angles and try to find what works best for you. If you are tight with your budget, please be aware that your creatives should get enough traffic for thoughtful optimization.

  • Click through the funnel and make sure there are no weak spots that can increase the bounce rate.

  • Translate all your creatives to the native language of the audience you are targeting.

Benefits of TrafficStars: 


  • 24/7 support: ticketing system, knowledge base, support for customer service managers for ALL customers and Skype support;

  • Adult offers is allowed;

  • A self-service platform is available;

  • Many advertising formats are supported.


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Best regards,

Conversion Club

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