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20 June 2023



We had an amazing chat to sit down with a cup of tea and talk with our partner in crime, the one and only Zeydoo about new things that happen in their company and new products that have been launched.


▪ only exclusive offers that you won’t find anywhere;

▪ all updates are first tested by the internal media buying team, then affiliates get a foolproof product with a perfectly set funnel;

▪ 24/7 engaged competent managers who do everything to help you earn more;

▪ quick and regular payments - the company has been paying without delays for more than 10 years;

▪ quick optimization and feedback on traffic – no need to wait for a quality check which simplifies the process of tests and scaling;

▪ own user-friendly CPA platform – no bugs, 24/7 of stable work;

▪ multi-vertical Smartlink that allows you to get the most out of your traffic;

▪ unlimited caps – for scaling your funnel with unlimited profit;

▪ worldwide coverage – work with any GEO that converts well;

▪ custom rates for your type of traffic;

▪ higher rates for partners with big volumes.

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The CPA Network Zeydoo has quite an easy form of registration, so the process takes less than 5 minutes. To confirm the registration and to be able to request payments partners go through a KYC check by uploading payment documents. The data remains confidential and is necessary only to secure quick and regular payments.

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After the registration you are immediately redirected to your personal account where you can get acquainted with the platform and offers. To launch traffic you need to wait for approval which usually takes up to 24 hours. If you want to speed up the moderation process, message the support through your account.

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The affiliate network offers more than 10 exclusive in-house products that can be promoted in any GEO. Zeydoo’ll talk more about the main verticals: Smart Surveys, Mobile Apps & Utilities. In the CPA network you’ll find only “white” offers that you can work without getting banned or stressed out.

The Zeydoo team releases updates for their exclusive in-house offers every month: they add new landing pages, optimize funnels and the products themselves (for example, shrinking the size of the app to make the install process faster). This helps provide a stably increasing CR for more than 3 years. The conversion rate doesn’t go down and partners can increase traffic volume and build stable sources of income. You just need to find a working bundle and you can then scale without caps, limitations or stops and without worrying about declined payments, hold or offers’ getting stopped.


Smart Surveys

These are the offers that partners make big money with constantly. The vertical is not as popular as gambling or Nutra, but it still allows you to earn big. The vertical is now one of the most profitable ones thanks to the Zeydoo team and it keeps generating stable income for the affiliates.

Smart Surveys are offers where you get paid for every survey completed by the user and for filling out the form at the end. The flow is the easiest and takes a user around a minute to give the answers. This is why the CR with good quality traffic is relatively high.

What’s so special about Smart Surveys in Zeydoo:

  • an easy flow - filling the form takes 1 minute 

  • perfect for pop and push traffic 

  • ready-made pre-landers for all offers, just start traffic 

  • constant work on updating offers: the network adds new pre-landers and optimizes funnels so that you can earn more 

  • great CR with traffic back that helps getting +50% ROI thanks to additional monetization.


Mobile Apps & Utilities

Zeydoo has several exclusive in-house offers that allow you to run traffic worldwide and build a stable income with media buying. 


What in-house products in Mobile Apps & Utilities does Zeudoo offer:

  • Fast n Clean  – an exclusive app for deleting unwanted files, cleaning up the space and optimizing the work of a smartphone; 

  • Dating SweetMeet – a dating app available in many countries that has a great CR thanks to its exclusivity; 

  • Scanero  – the fastest QR-code reader. Scanning and reading documents, business cards, discount cars and all loyalty cards from different stores;

  • SuperVision – an app for the Android system camera that helps filming content with different effects. There are 4 landing pages in 22 languages already available for traffic; 

  • Jax VPN – an easy-to-use VPN-service with worldwide coverage and a simple flow: the payout is made for an install and further launching the app..


What’s so great about working with Mobile Apps & Utilities in Zeydoo: 


  • an easy flow - install with few clicks

  • ready-made pre-landers for all offers 

  • constant work on updating offers: the network adds new pre-landers and optimizes funnels so that you can earn more 

  • perfect for pop and push traffic 

  • app formats: APK and Play Market



Zeydoo also plans to launch new in-house Sweepstakes products as well as products with incent traffic. 


A few new offers: 

  • Rewardis  – a Sweepstakes offer where a user can win Samsung Galaxy A53. SOI, the simplest flow and high CR.  

  • Watchads – a user needs to watch several ads and get back to the initial page. Incent traffic is allowed, for more details check out the offer’s card. Available for CPA and RevShare.

  • Biward – a CPL offer where a user can get money for completing one of the tasks from the list. Incent traffic is allowed. 


Follow Zeydoo Telegram chat to never miss an update. 


For those who want to try exclusives, write to managers:

Multi-vertical Smartlink

The network has its own multi-vertical Smartlink that is perfect for mixed traffic. You don’t need to test several offers and verticals, just place a universal link and Zeydoo’s smart system will find the best offers and landing pages for your traffic.


Smartlink works not only with Zeydoo products but also with offers from our partners. That means a media buyer gets a big set of offers which allows them to monetize any type of traffic more effectively. 


The team also monitors top slices which are a set of targeting parameters like GEO, vertical, offers, device types, device platform and more. Slices are optimized by the Zeydoo team each week. Partners can get individual slices depending on the type of traffic and its peculiarities. It allows to increase CR and profit.

Smartlink is perfect if you work with: 

  • SEO-traffic – for example, if you have a website in English and people from different countries know the language, then a smartlink is the perfect solution so that you don’t lose users;

  • Wide targeting – while launching funnel in several GEOs; 

  • Buying banners on content websites – as with SEO-traffic, you won’t lose conversions and get the best out of the placement;

  • Free traffic – if you create and upload dozens of videos on TikTok, you can’t control where in the world it will pick up, so a smartlink in bio will help monetize all users by finding the most relevant offers. 

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The most profitable offers require approval from the Manager but, as the practice has shown, this does not take much time, especially if there is a real case of work in this niche. With open offers, the time from registration to creating a thread takes several minutes.


There is automatic postback integration with all popular trackers like Binom, Volum, AdsBridge, RedTrack, BeMob, and PeerClick.

Everything is quickly unloaded even with large volumes of traffic. 


Your creatives and a good pre-lander have the biggest impact on your CR.

Do not forget that it is the pre-lander that warms up the audiences and motivates users to reach the end of the funnel, whether it is a survey or a purchase. You should always test several ad creatives, because you never know, which one will give the best effect! 


Payments in the affiliate network are made automatically twice a month – on the 4th and 19th. Beginners will get the first payment within 2 weeks. The minimum payout is $100 (if it's wire it's from $1000).


You can withdraw funds to WebMoney or Yandex.Money, Qiwi, PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, and Wire-transfer.

Register in Zeydoo and work with trustworthy partners. 

Payment methods in Zeydoo

Here are the following payment methods available for partners:

  • Payoneer

  • Paypal USD

  • Wire USD/EUR

  • Wise USD/EUR

  • Webmoney Z


For all new partners the payment is made after a 14 day hold that Zeydoo needs in order to check the quality of traffic and prevent fraud. It’s possible to speed up the process or add an alternative payment method after discussing it with your personal manager. The team is always ready to meet affiliates halfway.

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These guys have excellent support, a good selection of offers, the list of which is constantly updated, as well as an excellent reputation. We can definitely recommend them. If you have already had experience with them, please share it in the comments.


9828 | Watchads - RevShare

     Smart Surveys
     Anna: Skype | Telegram | e-mail

     Mobile Apps & Utilities
     Anastasia: Skype | Telegram | e-mail

​     Sweepstakes

     Lisa: Skype | Telegram | e-mail

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