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Push.House Introduction

11 August 2020


Charity live festival with Miss Monique and Kess

15 April 2020

Push.House has been in business since 2018 and currently leading the market of push notifications. Push.House provides high quality direct traffic from in-house platform Partners.House – partner program for direct traffic owners for earnings on Push Subscriptions. Third-party databases are also available, which allows us to provide requested traffic volume for all geos.

Push.House by numbers:


12,5 KK Clicks

180+ GEOs. Up-to-date volumes available here

85% Mobile & 15% Desktop

60K NEW Push Subscriptions Monthly

10+ Payment Methods:

Direct money transfer: Webmoney, Bitcoin, Visa, MasterCard;

Aggregators: SafeCharge, Capitalist, interkassa, Advcash;

UNITPAY: Visa, Qiwi, Yandex-money, MasterCard;

8 integrated trackers,,;

2 factor account verification.

Live festival : Dj Da Queen and Dj Da Candy

15 April 2020

Get Started on Push.House

What does the Advertiser need to know/do before getting started? 


Registration on the platform takes around a minute. It is also possible to authorize through social networks (FB, Google, Yandex, VK). After registration, you get an Account Manager who is friendly and helps you with any questions.

When registering:

read the Rules and Policy to know which angles of promotion are restricted (e.g. clickbait, Politics, Religion, Adult content);

enable two-factor verification which increases the protection of your account;

place your contacts (Skype, Telegram etc) so AM can contact you;

have $50 on your card – Minimum Payment to get started.


Camping Setup

Of course, before starting with Push traffic, it’s better in general to do some homework to learn about how it works, main metrics and features and successful cases. Here we are going to guide you on the platform with explanations of the main tools they provide.


Let’s have a quick look at the campaign setup and main specifics you need to know. The dashboard is easy and intuitive. Even if you are new with push ads or just starting the new niche, Push.House has thought about you and offered the in-house spy tool of Ready Creatives Sets. So, after setting basic parameters like device, browser language, campaign schedule, then understanding the estimated CPC depending on chosen GEO and Subscription Age, go search for creatives for inspiration. 

Important option here is Subscription Age targeting. The “younger” the user you get, the more expensive CPC you pay. And for future optimization and maximizing your campaign ROI, don’t forget to add {macros}. 

Half way done! 

More Targeting Options Available:

GEOs: Country/City;

Devices: Mob/Desktop;

OS Android versions (4-10);

Browser language;

Timeline schedule: daily/hourly. Default Platform Time is Moscow GTM+3;

Subscription Age (the older, the cheaper).

Let’s dive deeper now and see which other options we have here.


Ad Limit: After setting your Daily and Total limits, it’s good to know that there still may be an overrun of the limit. This is happening because of technical specifics of push notifications, when the sent ad could be actually seen by the user in a day or even. In this case you also pay later. Even if the % of it is small, it’s always better to be aware. 

Audience: It makes sense to adjust this option when you already have black/white-listed IPs or IDs. To add IP lists use a new line, for IDs – just “,” symbol. 

The uniqueness of the campaign: Good tool to adjust your ads, depending on the product type and campaign goals.

Ad: The display is considered unique for the entire campaign and the ads from it are no longer shown to the user.

Link: In this case, the uniqueness will be on each link, suitable for online stores, where each product has its own page.

Domain: If a user clicks on an ad with a link to, whether it’s yours or another advertiser, then we no longer show him ads with this domain.

Feeds: These are third-party databases of push notifications which allow to cover more geos and users. When getting started we recommend to choose all feeds, setup {feed} macros, so that later on you could optimize it: put customized price for specific feed or just delete it. It is important to know that Feeds Option is available only when you have $70+ (and $200+ for India) on your account.


When the campaign is ready, keep an eye on feed IDs, keep testing with creatives and get your daily Promo Codes and other Bonuses from Push.House Telegram Channel. And optimize, optimize, optimize…


Optimization options:

IDs (black/white lists);

IPs (black/white lists);

timetable (GTM+3);

add/delete Android OS versions.


Instead of the Conclusion – Bonuses from PushHouse

Push.House is Advertiser-Friendly and always looking to engage and help partners with the best experience. So, briefly, Tips & Bonuses Push House offer you:

ready Creatives Sets – use best practices in your campaign;

integration with trackers to keep your data more accurate;

get up to 10% Bonus when topping up the account;

get daily Promo Codes by following Push.House Telegram channel.

3% referral program for Push.House and Partners.House.

Don't forget to set up a notification about your balance with @PushHouseBot in Telegram. Just need to set a setting, for example $ 20 - and if your balance is less than $ 20 - the bot will send you a notification.

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