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Review of Affcountry CPA Network

29 November 2021


Few words about Affcountry: 

We met Affcountry at the KINZA 2021 conference.

Affcountry is a young CPA network, the top management which consists of people who have a huge background in working with traffic, more than 6 years. They started their way by creating an operating system from scratch. Affcountry works in verticals as: crypto/forex, gambling and nutra. GEO - worldwide. They work with all types of traffic. Their team is constantly working on connecting direct advertisers and webmasters. 


Affcountry strong points: 

  • more than 300+ crypto/forex and gambling offers from direct and proven advertisers with high market rates;

  • they work with almost all GEOs (CIS, Europe, Latam, GCC, Australia, etc.);

  • payment models on CPA, CPL, CPA+CRG;

  • they can advise on how to make more profit on your traffic, which is not converted to other brands.

Why choose Affcountry?

Affcountry gives you the opportunity to find your profit in the crypto vertical with mostly worldwide GEOs and traffic sources. Their managers will help you monetize traffic with the highest payouts and strongest advertisers on market, so feel free to contact them anytime.

As a bonus, they offer you a chance to get an additional 500$ to your balance for each 10 CPA-based deposits during the whole December 2021. This promotion will work for any GEO you work with.

What are the specifics of a target audience in a particular GEO?

Preferable audiences in their main vertical are people who are interested in making money with trading platforms and investments, both male and female. Age 30+ mostly, may be lower or higher on different markets.

How to scale up? Budget for campaign to start? What is the budget for understanding that this adset is not performing well?

Budget to test depends on the country and traffic source you are going to work with. It should be much higher for Tier-1 markets like the UK, Canada, Australia and so on. Top sources for them, for sure, are Google and Facebook. Another one that shows good results is emails. For some countries TikTok also works, you can try to work with it for Australia, Mexico, Brazil etc. TikTok’s audience became older last year, so now it works for financial verticals also. Some publishers show nice results with teaser/push networks also.

Usually, to see some results, you should have to get 15-50 registrations and after that you’ll understand if your campaign works well or not. In crypto-vertical, your ROI depends on your audience’s quality and funnels which are more reliable for it.

Let’s move on to testing: best GEO?

Countries that give best results are:
Canada, Poland, Russia and Russian speaking Europe, Australia and Chile.

Here are some stats from one of their top affiliates:


India, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Tier-2 European countries and some GEOs from Africa have perspective in the nearest future.

Creatives? Video or Images? Examples

EPC? CR? Payouts

Payouts always depend on your traffic quality, if it is high - for Tier-1 markets you can get up to 1200$ CPA, and up to 75$ CPL.

Click to registration CR is also various for each traffic source and funnels you use, for example, emails for Russia can have click2reg results like here:


Check Affiliate Events by Conversion Club in the pipeline

You can see that more than 20% of clients made registration on the landing page with this source.

Highest Reg2dep conversion rate they have on Tier-1 markets like:

  • Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Switzerland 15 - 24% for Google/Facebook sources

  • Canada 10-18%

  • Poland and PL EU 9-14%

  • Russian speaking European countries and Baltics - up to 15% etc.

But there are a lot of new GEOs that gave good results for last tests with their affiliates, so you can try to find your profit there also:


They provide all affiliates with tracking all the details of the processing of lead data that have entered the system.

They monitor how quickly the calling status of their offer representatives changes, who converts in certain languages and which countries are worse or better.


Contacts of AM

For Advertisers:
Telegram: @affcountry_alexey
Skype: live:.cid.6b55c4e8cf61c06a

For Affiliates:

Telegram: @affcountry_vitaliy

Skype: live:.cid.955388b50995ed09


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