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Review and Test of Insparx network by Conversion Club

01 December 2020

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Insparx was founded in 2010 and is a successful top-ten global  company with a main office in Munich, Germany.

Insparx Affiliates provides marketing services to trending brands: C-Date, Singles50, be2, Academic Singles and New Honey.


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Insparx offers you:


  • Lucrative payouts;

  • Conversion rates boosted by TV advertising;

  • Personal support;

  • A wide range of optimized and click-strong advertising possibilities;

  • Individual terms for super affiliates;

  • Over 200 campaigns in 40+ geos;

  • Efficient and secure tracking system;

  • On-time payments.

What does the Advertiser need to know/do before getting started?

Registration on the platform is fast and easy. Once the signup form is filled, the affiliate receives an email with a few questions that need to be answered. Sometimes emails can get lost, so providing Skype or Telegram ensures AM will be in touch in case email communication fails. After the answers are received, the account will be activated and the affiliate can pick any campaign and start running.

Overview of offers:

1. be2;

2. Academic Singles;

3. Singles50;

4. C-Date

5. New Honey.

Each brand has its own smart link. The main model is CPL SOI, DOI and CPO models are also available.

Brands are being supported by TV and PR advertising around the globe.

What are the specifics of the target audience in a particular GEO?

It depends on the brand. In be2 usually 30-45 work best when it comes to conversion to sales, since be2 has quite a youthful image.

Academic Singles is best for an audience from 35 to 50 years old as it is for a more mature audience than be2.

Singles50 depends on the country, usually men 50+ works best and women 40+ converts well for sales.

As for C-Date and New Honey, it also depends on the country where there is a stable or good economy. 18-40 is the best converting age bracket. This usually applies to DACH and the Nordics. For countries where the economy is not as strong, like LATAM or Spain, focus should be on users who have a stable income - therefore 35+ converts best.

How to scale up? What budget is needed for the campaign to start? Signs of underperforming campaign?

Affiliates should always keep in mind that Insparx needs a few days to see sales come in, whereas affiliates see profit almost immediately.

In order to scale up, affiliates should always do it slowly, picking only 2 to 5 campaigns and focusing on finding the traffic that converts to sales. Therefore, it is very important that the affiliate follows the “Events” or sales on our side.

If Insparx sees campaigns which scale up too fast in traffic and especially in costs and no sales income, they will most probably stop it or decrease the payouts. 

For affiliates that just started, Insparx would recommend to begin with the strongest country, send some traffic and wait a bit to see if sales come. Affiliates should always give time for their traffic to convert to sales on our side, so that the sales can catch up with the investment.

Optimization strategy?


Keep constant communications with the account manager. Do a test with around 50-100 leads (depending on the country) and ask your account manager for a quality check. Insparx will give feedback about sales or lack thereof, user behavior and CPA.

If you are already bringing sales, it is very useful for affiliates to know what is the expected CPA for us to reach our target/benchmark. If CPA is lower, Insparx  can probably give a bump; if CPA is higher, they need to optimize their traffic to bring more sales otherwise payouts would be lowered to reach our target CPA.

Best Geos?


Overall Europe, especially DACH is our focus, but depending on the affiliate and their expertise any geo could be strong in their account.

Variety of creatives available: smartlinks, landing pages, banners, videos, email templates.


EPC? CR? Payouts?


It varies by traffic type, brand, country, OS, user age etc.

Contacts of AM?

Skype: Affiliates_479

Telegram: @insparx


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