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Live chat with Benjamin Rose from Supremedia


Few words about our chat with Benjamin and that we are happy to have him as a guest

Q: Tell us about Supreme Media and what you do exactly?

A: Supreme Media is a fast-growing family of partners that sets an example for the whole industry with a focus on technological & creative solutions. Giving you the tools you need to earn more, with a team of experts helping you in real-time to achieve results;


Q: How have the past few months been for you guys?

A: The past few months have without a doubt been a challenge, as I’m sure they have been for everyone. But through pushing ourselves as a team and learning to adapt and overcome we’ve managed to keep things on an even keel and if anything even developed as company as a result;


Q: How has your team adapted to the recent COVID Regulations?

A: Yeah so like I said before it’s 100% been a challenge. Some of our guys are still working from home and we’ve recently just opened our newer bigger offices and making sure that everyone is abiding to the laws and regulations of COVID-19;


Q: What would you guys say have been the toughest challenges this year?

A: I think I speak for the team when I say not being able to travel to see our partners as much and attend the various shows and conferences. It’s at these events we actually get the chance to see and meet with our affiliates and other various partners as well as meeting new ones;


Q: Why should affiliates sign up with Supremedia?

A: Haha good question. Because we’re the best at what we do, we offer the best technology, tailor made creatives such as LP’s and offers to really fit in with your campaigns and adsets etc. Not only because we also offer the most amount of GEO’s and highest pay-outs, but we're really a family and like our partners to feel like they’re a part of it. We also offer access to various tools, spy tools, forums, Ad-networks whatever we think our affiliates need to be able to improve and better their game. It’s on us


Q: What are you guys seeing as the best traffic source recently?

A: For us right now I’d say Google and Email. Facebook obviously just before last month or so was always a winner for those who can master it and have the patience. But actually in the last couple of weeks FB is starting to come back slowly.


Q: What separates Supreme Media from other networks ?

A: Here I’ll list all perks like I had above


Q: What are your thoughts on the industry right now in terms of what’s hot and what’s not?

A: Ooh good question. I mean I’m pretty sure that verticals such as eCom are all doing well. Everyone’s drop shipping, buying from home on Amazon, Shopify and other platforms due to being stuck in quarantine. We’re also seeing verticals like crypto and finance like our offers are booming right now. There’s definitely been a lot of interest and increase there.  


Q: How different is it working in this industry without any conferences this year?

A: SOOO HAAARD. Everyone in the industry, especially us, base our calendars around these events. Especially AWA and AWE. I mean we base so much of our budget and promos and parties, meetings and meetups specifically for these events so you can imagine how important they are to us and we suck the blood out of this stone also in terms of collecting as many business cards as we can, meeting new people and getting the business in.


Q: Most companies have what they call their “Secret Weapon”. What is Supreme Media’s  “Secret Weapon”?

A: If I tell you, I’ll have to kill you…. Haha no that’s easy. Our Team! Without a shadow of a doubt. We are 100% like brothers and sisters. We argue, we squabble but we’re unbreakable as a team. We constantly push each other, help each other and make sure everyone’s on top of their game. We are always developing our knowledge and constantly on the lookout for new info, industry knowledge etc. We’re a solid team of hardened affiliate marketing addicts.

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