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Review of RollerAds

10 June 2021


Few words about RollerAds: 

RollerAds is an advertising network with top performing ad-formats, in-house anti-fraud system and unique optimization algorithms. 

The payment method is CPC (Cost Per Click), and the minimum deposit is only $ 50, so even a beginner can test this grid. 


RollerAds strong points: 

  • High CTR 

  • Global Reach

  • Low Cost - minimum bid is ONLY $0,001

  • Smart Targeting

  • 100% Real Traffic

  • Self-Service Platform


RollerAds traffic volume: 

  • 10k+ publishers

  • 2B+ daily impressions

  • 5M+ daily clicks

  • 250+ GEOs

2021-06-10 15.08.47.png

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10.12 Affiliate Hookah, Kyiv, UA

28.01 Affiliate Hookah, Kyiv, UA

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19.05 Affiliate Boat Meet up, Dubai, UAE
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05.06 Affiliate Extreme, Kyiv, UA

08.07 Affiliate Hookah Open Air Meetup, Kyiv, UA

Covered GEOs: 

  • Canada: 25+ mln impressions;

  • North America: 178+ mln impressions;

  • Latin America: 150+ mln impressions;

  • Europe: 200+ mln impressions;

  • Asia Pacific: 300 mln impressions;


Payment options: 

  • Wire Transfer

  • Credit Card

  • Capitalist

  • Paxum

  • WebMoney

  • Payoneer

  • PayPal

2021-06-10 15.12.33.png

Why choose RollerAds? 

They are super competitive because of the new and unique features they offer. We would say even one of the best in the industry, when it comes to push notifications.


If you want to make some good money with RollerAds you need to create a great campaign.


Let us show you how to create one. It’s really easy, because they offer an intuitive campaign designer that guides you through the entire process. 

Screen Shot 2021-06-04 at 14.53.44.png
Screen Shot 2021-06-04 at 14.54.25.png
Screen Shot 2021-06-04 at 14.55.40.png

What are the specifics of the target audience in a particular GEO?

RollerAds has push users subscribed on landing pages and websites, popunders shown on sites with different thematics, which makes some slices of both push and pop traffic more suitable for different products. They also provide targeting by countries, cities, devices, browser versions, time of the day, etc. Experienced account managers are always there to help set it up in the most effective way.

How to scale up? Budget for campaign to start? What is the budget for understanding that an adset is not performing well?

The easiest way to scale a particular campaign has always been as simple as that - raise the bids. At Rollerads, they understand that not all traffic suits all offers well, so just raising the bids can lead to unwanted expenses on zones that don’t work with your offer. For that case, automatic optimization mechanics have been developed. You can set any rules you want just to stop unwanted zones as the rules are triggered.

Test budgets usually strongly depend on offer payouts. With automatic rules you can set a custom amount of money spent on a single zone for the system to decide if it is profitable or not and blacklist it in case it doesn’t convert.

Optimization strategy? 

On push format their traffic is precisely segmented not even by zones, but groups of zones, a single publisher, a thematic group of websites (e.g. group of only news websites). To target that, RollerAds is dividing traffic by feed ID parameters. You can track it and optimize quickly! Most importantly, it helps to shorten test budgets a lot! Don’t forget to ask your AM for advice regarding feed ID targeting.

Let’s move on to testing: Best Geo?

RollerAds has the strongest supply of asian traffic (ID, MY, PH, TH), also ones of their best performing geos are US, JP, LATAM. They have the largest websites among our publishers. But still, performance strictly depends on the combination of the offer itself and country, so, basically, you can find some sweet spot in every GEO.

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