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TELEGRAM : salescc2021

It’s a place of discussion where marketers from both sides of the spectrum can turn to for ideas on a new traffic source, check the legitimacy of a new network, or look for guidance with a stubborn campaign. Affiliate marketing can be a lonely road with plenty of treacherous turns, and Conversion Club aims to serve as both guide and company.

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What tracking software is better for my setup?


What kind of traffic do I need to get better EPC on my offers and what is the best place to get it?


How do I quickly scale a hot campaign without losing out on performance?

There is someone out there who can answer these questions without skipping a beat, saving a new affiliate hours upon hours of wading through ad copy for an actual answer.
Conversion Club exists so that you can get to that person faster than a contextual ad can get to you. Looking out for scams is also easier when those experiences are gathered and verified by the community, available for future reference all in one place.

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We value the power of community

 Just as much as we value the power of data, and we know that online conversations will never match an in-person encounter when it comes to building a rapport. Conversion Club’s series of affiliate events, meet-ups, and parties will help everyone put names to faces and make the kind of connections that just don’t happen in chatrooms. It’s one of the better parts of the affiliate lifestyle, and it wouldn’t be the same without all the travel and wild adventures.

Conversion Club is not only about case studies

Discounted tools and offer intel. It’s about a crowd of entrepreneurs collaborating, swapping insights, and having a blast on the way to the common goal – owning a profitable marketing business. You can do it alone, but it doesn’t mean you have to do it on your own. Join the conversation and get a fresh take at Conversion Club.

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We had a great stream with Conversion club about our most relevant offers that managed survive even during coronavirus pandemic, which was great cause some affiliates were looking for new niches. We also had ongoing  Posh'n'Porsche contest for affiliates and had some good relevant leads for it after the stream. FB stats showed that we reached more than 5k views. Thank you for this great experience, Lana!



Head of Affiliates ClickDealer

About weekly promo offers and: “We had a chance to try the offer review with Conversion Club. An excellent opportunity to promote the product in a fun way, real stats angles and creatives, no false promises that affiliates are looking for. Got some new great partners we’re currently building strong relationship with!"


Ella Mak

Head of Sales Ad Combo


Nataly Ptitsyna

Head of PR GDM group


About online charity dj festival with Conversion Club: “We reached a lot of marketers from our industry and created really quality content. With online broadcasting only on Facebook, our festival got more than 25k views and  video of the dj set, sponsored by our company gained over 270k on Youtube. Great job on brand awarenes for us and great job on collecting money for defeating our common enemy - COVID-19!”

I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with Conversion Club. Our video interview was a great native promo; we managed to talk about banners and landers and expose our service to online marketers. Affiliate marketing is harder, it’s all about fast change, and Conversion Club is one of the few communities on top of the changes and giving the latest updates on what’s hot and spicy in the opportunities to create cash.

Attila O'dree

CEO I AM Affiliate


Media500 is a CPA affiliate JV network and we had the pleasure of working with Conversion club on a charity event to raise money for hospitals and the medical heroes during the early stages of COVID-19. 

Personally, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Conversion club in numerous Promo’s, Cross promos and brand building and couldn’t ask for a better platform than Conversion Club. Conversion Club is a really close community of all kinds of people from this industry and you can really find help with pretty much everything and anything you need.


Dasha Nazarova

Marketing and PR manager

Thank you, Conversion Club for having me at their live stream! It was a great experience and a friendly chat on different topics, from our recent 100-page Affiliate Marketing Guide release to the trends and forecast on the industry from our RedTrack team. With this fb live event, we gathered almost 6k views and new followers for our tracker community!


Benjamin Rose

Head Of PR Supreme Media

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