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Case Study: Monetizing NL Casual Matchmaking with ProfitSocial

20 November 2020

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As an evergreen vertical, casual matchmaking remains popular and fast-growing. Naturally, casual traffic is in demand, and affiliate networks are in a constant search for it. We made a decision to test a smartlink offered by ProfitSocial. The principal reasons for choosing this affiliate network were the automatic optimization of the funnel and a ready-made solution for ad creatives. We started with the SOI matchmaking offers in the NL region and a $4 payout. We got a link with the prelander, and below, you can see the examples of the landing pages and prelanders. 


Network: ProfitSocial

Platform: Exoclick

Ad Format: Banner

Campaign Period: 11.09 - 19.09



SOI mob/web: $4

Costs: $566

Revenue: $680

ROI: 20.11%





We chose ExoClick as a traffic source based on the fact that it is one of the biggest and well-known affiliate networks offering an advanced admin panel. Besides, we already had an active account with available funds and were familiar with the network. Originally, we set up a 300x100 banner campaign targeting NL, mobile devices, Android, Dutch language, Smart CPM $0.1. The initial results were generally good, so we needed to increase the volume. We raised the daily cap, added more banners, and switched the traffic distribution system to Quick Delivery.


We also tested other banner formats – 300x250 on Android and 300x250 on desktop. However, the performance was poor, and it had a negative impact on the total ROI during the two-day test period (15-16.09), so we canceled these ad campaigns almost instantly. When the situation has leveled out on account of the Android 300x100 campaign, we went back to working with this format and created several campaigns to test the iOS platform and an English-speaking funnel. Since the latter demonstrates a significantly higher CTR, we keep working on ad creatives. Basically, we are still working with the 300x100 banner format to keep scaling.



As for the banner concepts, we borrowed some of them from the tubes and fellow colleagues and, afterward, transformed them a bit. From 11/09 to 19/09, we spent $566 and earned $680. At this stage, the ROI is 20.11%. Eventually, we intend to add other traffic sources and explore different GEOs.

Stats from ProfitSocial


So we definitely liked this test with ProfitSocial , girls were helpful with creatives and translation even late evening (I know that all AM hate that). 




Just press this button and ask whatever you want to their AM team: 


Best regards,

Conversion club

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