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Case Study for India with Clickadu

8 February 2021


When you want to make some money, you wanna make some research first! So we’ve done it for you. This month, we joined the Clickadu network to see how it works and how to make good revenue. So check out the exact numbers and ROI, because it is always helpful to have valuable insights. This review is so cool and the network was so easy to play around with, that we highly recommend it and let’s make some cash together!

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Few words about Clickadu:

Clickadu is a premium multi-format advertising network that has been on the market since 2014. The goal of the company is to provide high-quality WW traffic from direct publishers as well as campaign transparency and automation with constantly updated and user-friendly Self-Serve platform. 

For publishers, Clickadu will become the right solution if you’re looking for high CPM rates, high demand for traffic, stable transparent payments and close to 100% fill rate. 

For advertisers, on the other hand, this Ad Network can offer WW traffic from direct publishers, a wide range of working verticals, four pricing models, traffic quality assurance and much-much more.

But let's talk about everything in order. And here’s what we can offer to our partners in numbers.

Daily traffic volume/conversions:

We offer traffic from 200+ countries 

  • 2.8+BIn impressions;

  • 3.3+BIn conversions.


Covered GEOs:

We offer traffic from 200+ countries 

  • North America - 106+M impressions daily;

  • South America - 364+M impressions daily;

  • Europe - 215+M impressions daily;

  • India - 814+M impressions daily;

  • Asia - 1.9BIn impressions daily.


TOP Verticals 

  • Social & Entertainment

  • Sweepstakes

  • Gaming

  • Nutra

  • Webcams

  • Finance Apps

  • Tools/Utilities

  • VPNs

Payment options:

  • Credit cards

  • PayPal

  • Paxum

  • Webmoney

  • Wire Transfer

Getting Started with Clickadu:

Let’s go to the Clickadu registration page. If you’re interested in promoting your offers/products, then sign up as an advertiser. This process will not take long as we ask you to fill in only basic information that is important for a successful work with Clickadu. After registration and authorization via e-mail, you will have access to your advertising account.


And immediately to a nice bonus: enter the promo code ‘Conversion’ in the ‘Bonus code’ field to get $20 extra for your first $100+ deposit or 10% additional if you fund your account with more than $300.

What you need to know to launch your campaigns with Clickadu:

Well, if you’ve never heard of our ad network, then here are the benefits that will be available to you after registration:


  • 2.8Bln traffic from all over the world (200+ countries) daily fresh out the direct publishers;

  • Six advertising formats and four pricing models;

  • SSP-platform for providing campaign transparency and automation; 

  • Dedicated manager;

  • Own data centers for the best traffic coverage around the world;

  • Antibot / anti-fraud filters;

  • Narrow targeting (state,city, mobile ISP, OS type/version, Browser version/language, и др.);

  • API integration.


Let's look at a few advantages in detail


First of all, before launching your campaign, explore the ad formats we offer. Consult with your personal manager who is assigned to any advertiser after registration. Find out what formats your chosen vertical works best with. All of our ad formats are divided into creative (requiring creates) and non-creative: 


Creative advertising formats 


  1. Push Notifications is the usual notification format that works on the basis of push-subscriptions. This is a great way to add additional monetization on the go. Despite the fact that Clickadu has its own push notifications database, advertisers still have a lot of traffic.

  2. InPage Push is a native push message that appears when a user is browsing the Publishers’ website. Unlike Push Notifications, it’s available on any OS type, even iOS, and doesn’t require user subscription to show the advertisement so it provides high reach and fill-rate. It works great both in conjunction with push notifications and as an independent advertising format.

  3. Video Pre-roll is a promotional video ad displayed directly before the content the user has selected on both mobile and desktop. We operate with IAB VAST 3.0 protocol and all JS and HTML players can support it. Video files could be any of these formats: MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV & FLV.

  4. Instant Text Message is a native dialog window that resembles a system message. Consists of a 30-character title, 30-character text, and OK and Cancel buttons, so users are free to decide whether they are interested in the content or not. This format is great for mobile traffic and performs high CTR rates.


Non-creative advertising formats


  1. Popunder is a separate advertising area that is loaded under the main active window or tab, after clicking on the page. It goes unnoticed until the main browser window or a tab is closed, focusing attention and advertising contact. It wins the problem of “blindness” and perfectly runs on different platforms.The most converting format by far.

  2. SKIM is a link that a publisher inserts on a specific site element, and after clicking on it, an advertisement appears to the user. This format gives 100% control of your sold traffic amount and allows you to target traffic to specific verticals.


And great news is that banner ads for both our advertisers and publishers will come out in the very near future. So keep abreast of our updates to be the first to use it!


You can also refer to our media kit for details on our verticals and their compatibility with ad formats.


Secondly, we recommend using the Traffic Inventory tool - you can view and evaluate data on the volume and cost of traffic before launching an advertising campaign. If some traffic is not enough for you, the system will buy it automatically from trusted RTB sources.


As for our traffic sources, almost 95% of publishers are direct ones. For you, that means that all of them carefully monitor the quantity, and most importantly - the quality. From our side, we put forward strict requirements for webmasters for the uniqueness and the organic nature of traffic. High quality is also ensured by antibot and anti fraud filters.


Pricing models


For our advertisers we offer four pricing models:

  • CPC works with creative advertising formats where you pay for clicks only. However, the system requires a test based on CPM to determine whether the traffic matches the offer and pick out the best sources for you. After the successful test, your campaign will work on a cost per click basis.

  • CPM allows you to launch ‘reach-like’ campaigns. Here you’ll pay for the unique ad impressions.

  • SmartCPA is almost the same as CPC, however, the system matches the sources according to your campaign CR rate. After the successful test, your campaign will work as a plain CPA where you pay for conversions only. We’ll tell you more about them a bit later.

  • SmartCPM is almost like CPM but it works on a second-price auction scheme. You choose the ceiling price you’re able to pay for 1000 impressions and if your bid is higher than competitors - you’ll win the first impression and pay at their ceiling price. Also SmartCPM is now powered with a Custom rate feature that allows you to set cost for individual zones (websites) and enhance your budget control.




Here’s the targetings that Clickadu can offer at the moment:

  • connection type — 3G or Wi-Fi. 

  • OS types : mobile or desktop, operating systems and their versions;

  • device types : phone/tablet for mobile devices or TV/Desktop for computer ones;

  • mobile ISP (to choose it, you must specify the country and select 3G traffic)

  • browsers and browser languages

  • state/city 

  • proxy

How to get in touch with the Clickadu team?

Here are the contacts of Clickadu support team:



Telegram @clickadu


Or contact our affiliate manager George:


Telegram @George_Click

Skype live:johnnymin8989

Case Study of entertainment apps offer (TikTok alternative) for India with Clickadu:

Social and momentary entertainment apps have reached quite an audience during the lockdowns. For instance, the audience of the most popular app TikTok has grown more than 25% in March 2020.


For the first quarter of 2020, India led the APP downloads, with 55 million new TikTok installs, and became the motherlode for the affiliate community. We likewise caught a wave and had ourselves a piece of pie.


However, on June 29 the most popular social application was banned in India due to personal data security reasons.


Well, the lockdown is still there, so we have decided to find a TikTok alternative for Indian users and try to make some cash out of it.

Test case specifications:


Advertiser: OptimiseMedia

Offer: MX TakaTak

Preview: link

Target: Android 5.0 and up

Country: India

Payout: 2.5 INR

Publisher: Clickadu

Direction: Popunder

OS: Android 5.0 and up

Country: India

Campaign specifications:


According to the experience of 2016-2017, the most popular verticals on the Indian market were wap clicks or pin submits with landings. That’s why we have decided to put them out of a dusty chest.

All we need to do here is to replace the end-URL.

The min. bid for India is $0.2, however, we recommend you to use an average bid to be competitive.


Creating the CPM onclick (popunder) campaign on a $0,26 bid leading to the custom landing page.


The only targeting options we need to consider:

adv stats_2.png

Test sequence:

We kept the campaign running for three days to gather information. 

On the 4th day, we have received feedback from our advertisers - the traffic quality seems okay on the grid.

To optimize our expenses we have removed some zones with low-performance rates along with the Android 5-6 version, Samsung Browser, and Mozilla firefox.


After a few days run web sources require some corrections in the process so a few days later the advertiser has shared a list of sources to exclude.


For some offers/verticals, you’ll need at least a week to realize whether the test performs okay, and then scale it up. So, what’s with the results?

The results:

adv stats_1.png

Expenses: $1219

Revenue: $1532,

Profit: $313

ROI: 26%


ROI looks quite humble in contrast with other cases, still, the test run can be optimized due to some scales and more information. It is possible to earn even more after the conversion verification.


Some conclusions:

From this case, we have learned that social apps are still on the hype. Besides, if you don’t know where to put Indian traffic, this vertical will probably blow your hands off with it.


Money is definitely easier to make if you have some guidelines on how to do it properly. 

If you loved what you read, click now to register and start earning some real cash today! 


Happy earnings.

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