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Offers for US and Japan with TopOffers! Just set and run!

18 August 2020

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Charity live festival with Dj Amely (Sponsored by ProfitSocial)

15 April 2020

Together with a group of affiliate-friends, Conversion Club made a test for offers for Japan and the US of TopOffers, and it’s incredible how Asia picked up this year for this vertical.

Few words about TopOffers

We met TopOffers ladies at MAC 2019 in Moscow and became friends from the first drink together. TopOffers - CPA Affiliate Network which provides exclusive and direct offers with 150 GEOs based on PPL/PPS/RevShare. 


CPL models are paid from $ 1.5 to $ 12 depending on the GEO. RevShare pays 80% from the first sale and 70% from each subsequent one. Accepts any kind of traffic, including SEO, SMM, E-mail, PPC, etc The affiliate network cooperates with MGID, AdsKeeper and Adplexity, so girls will help you with creatives and technical set up, just don't be afraid to ask.

Setting up campaigns

As we know, for affiliates, numbers are the most important ( and a good table with free alcohol on private parties), we decided to make a deep dive and open in detail the test of  USA/JPN with TopOffers).

Case Study: Monetizing USA/JPN Dating with TopOffers

Source: TrafficJunky

Creatives format: header 305x99

Time period:  22-28 July 2020 (presenting only fresh for you)

In a week time we got:



SOI mob/web: $1.9 / $2.5

Costs: $640

Revenue: $735.5

ROI: 14.86%



SOI mob/web: $5/ $5    

Costs: $476

Revenue: $555

ROI: 16.55%

We’ve chosen 2 offers for each geo. Landing pages look like these ones:

Find more examples of landing pages here.


Target and budget:

Frequency Capping – 1/12h

Locations – USA

Device – Mobile OS – Android

Browser Language – English

CPM – $0.205 (min $0.203)

Daily budget – $40

Frequency Capping – 1/12h

Locations – JPN

Device – Mobile, OS – Android

Browser Language – Japanese, Chinese, English

CPM – $0.07 (min $0.065) – $0.11

Daily budget – $40


Interested in what kind of prelanders we used? Check this link right now! 

We have used 3 different banners for each campaign, as always with the most interesting part of the body, that's why we decided to keep it in an archive on our web-site. Just press this link and see the examples.


The US traffic started running right away, whereas JPN was not so easy to get. It took us 2 days to set up the right bid and we were monitoring the situation during this time.


At last, the traffic started running at $0.11 CPM.


CTR is high due to the OS targeting, but even for the US Android, 0.29% is above average.


Here’s the dashboard from TopOffers: 


How to scale up? 

We have started with Android OS since it is cheaper. Once it is launched successfully, you can add iOS. 

You could also increase the daily caps, target top hours, cut frequency, increase the bid (for JPN).  

So we definitely liked this test with TopOffers, girls were helpful with creatives and translation for English and Japanese and were answering even late evening (I know that all AM hate that). 

Interested in trying on mobile with TopOffers? By the way, they have a new $1000 Welcome Bonus for new partners. Don't forget to mention that you came from us!

Just press this button and ask whatever you want to their AM team: 


Join the telegram channel and don't miss out the latest news and bonuses.


Best regards,

Conversion club

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