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Bitcoin rises again

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Don’t you just love monthly changes on Elon, Tesla and Bitcoin? It seems like a love trio that never stops to amaze us. When you think things are finally over, they kiss and make up and start a new chapter. But, as many of you already knew, last month the trio was broken as Elon decided not to support Bitcoin in his Tesla acquisitions.

Of course we all are aware of the impact mining Bitcoin has had in the past years and kudos for Elon for trying to keep this planet a safe one for all of us.

But after Elon’s latest tweet on June 13th, Bitcoin jumped again! Close to $40,000 even!

Still hard to wrap my head around the power of the internet and an app like Twitter. I mean he’s playing around with investments of millions of people, he found his new love of his life. That’s impressive people! Go go Elon!

This week Elon Musk stated Tesla Inc. would allow transactions in Bitcoin once mining is done with more clean energy. He mentioned in a tweet that he wants miners to use about 50% clean energy.

That target is actually closer to reality then we could think, as China shuts down Bitcoin mining operations in some places. So, will our bitcoin savings go up again? Let’s keep our eyes close to Elon’s twitter, as he obviously sets some impressive trends.

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In the meantime, we’re mining new grounds for our next events and hope to see you all there! Here’s a video from our Extreme Affiliate Meetup in Kyiv:

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