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What are SMS routes?

In Telegram groups you often find offered SMS routes, but what is it, and can SMS routes offered in groups be trusted? 

When it comes to Mass SMS marketing, the key point of success is not the ad copy or the best list. Yes, these are important factors, but the most important are the SMS routes. Without them, there is no send-out.

The Mass messaging tools need to be directly connected to every carrier that you wanna send messages to. There was a time when these routes were given out to practically everybody that wanted to have them. The good old mobile days.

Nowadays you need really good connections or you have to be a big agency to get it. If you wanna send out and you don't have these connections, best don't even bother with it, pay your fee to the send-out service and move on with your business.

The Routes offered in Telegram groups are usually not working or even worse, they are a trick to steal your numbers.

Are you doing SMS marketing?



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